What Must I Do To Be Saved? Evangelism Video 10 by Steve Childers

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Childers’ Vintage Seminary Class Video (Bad Quality Video But Great Content)

There is no place in Scripture that calls us to “pray to receive Christ” or “ask Jesus to come into our heart and forgive us” so we’ll go to heaven. But the Bible is very clear about what “we must do” to be saved.

There’s a lot of confusion today about what the Bible teaches on the meaning of true saving faith in Christ. It’s frighteningly common for people to wrongly believe that if they’ve just prayed “a sinner’s prayer” and asked Jesus “to forgive them and come into their heart,” they’re saved. The result is often a dangerous false assurance of salvation based on what Francis Schaeffer calls their “faith in their faith,” not their repentance and faith in the resurrected, ascended, living Christ as Lord and Savior. There’s a big difference.

In this 6-Lesson Course you’ll be equipped to:

      • Understand the biblical goals of evangelism
      • Explain three Scriptural motivations for evangelism
      • Describe Jesus’ Gospel of the Kingdom
      • Articulate what the Bible teaches about God
      • Explain what the Bible teaches about Sin
      • Proclaim the good news of Christ’s Saving Life
      • Explain the good news of Christ’s Saving Death
      • Explain the good news of Christ’s Resurrection
      • Understand true repentance and faith in Christ
      • Explain essential methods of evangelism

This brief video (9:13) will help you understand the biblical concept of true saving faith in Christ as more than just praying a sincere prayer asking God for forgiveness. 

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