NEW Course by John Frame and Steve Childers on Perspectives in Theology: Watch the Perspectives 10 Video

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The Scriptures teach that God the Father, by the authority of his word, called the galaxies into being. As the Lord of creation, he has supreme authority to establish God’s plan and will for everything he creates, visible and invisible.

To behold the Father’s supreme authority as Lord in the creation of all things means that we join with Jesus and submit to God’s Word as our supreme authority in all things.

In this new Perspectives Course, you’ll be equipped to:

  • Explain why both the religious and non-religious have faith
  • Understand how God has broken through to reveal himself
  • Describe how God uses analogies to reveal his personal attributes
  • Understand who God is and what God does as Triune Lord
  • Recognize how God created the world to be his kingdom on earth
  • Describe how the Father’s kingdom on earth was overthrown
  • Learn how God’s kingdom has already come on the earth
  • Understand the way God’s Kingdom will one day be on earth
  • Define Biblical, Trinitarian Perspectivalism (Triperspectivalism)
  • See the Father’s supreme authority as Lord in creation
  • Learn how to see all life through the revelation of God’s Triune Lordship

This brief video (5:39) will help you learn how to join with Jesus and submit to the Father’s supreme authority in all areas of your life.

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