New Applied Theology Course by Steve Childers & John Frame: Watch First Video

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Professors John Frame and Steve Childers combine their almost 90 years of experience (Frame 49 Systematic Theology, Childers 22 Practical Theology & 15 in church planting/pastoring) to help you apply theology to life and ministry. Study the 8 foundations Scripture provides for developing sound theology.

Theology is usually associated with abstract, academic subjects taught by professors. Such professional theologians are needed, of course. But all followers of Jesus Christ are called by God to be theologians.

There’s a big difference between learning all Jesus commanded, and learning to obey all he commanded.

In this course you’ll be equipped to:

  • Understand why everyone is a theologian
  • Explain how to develop sound theology
  • Articulate the biblical and missional foundations of theology
  • Explain how God’s Lordship and Triune nature shape theology
  • Describe redemptive history and covenants in theology
  • Explain how salvation, Christ, and the gospel “fit” in theology

This brief video (7:29) will help you understand how all followers of Jesus Christ are called by God to be theologians.

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Applied Theology Foundations

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