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Revisiting Our Holy Church Membership Vows of
Beliefs AND Behaviors

There are few times in life when we take holy vows before God and others. One of them is when we become church members. Historically, church membership vows include solemn public commitments regarding both our beliefs (a credible profession) AND our behaviors (a godly life). But what does it really mean for us to make a serious vow that we will:

– endeavor to live as becoming a follower of Jesus Christ?

– support the worship and work of our local church?

– strive for our church’s purity and peace?

– submit to the discipline of our church?

In this course you’ll be equipped to:

  • Clearly define the doctrinal truths that church members and leaders must affirm
  • Communicate the behaviors that are expected of church leaders and members
  • Help church leaders and members understand the underlying values that drive their behaviors
  • Explain the importance of having clearly stated core values
  • Develop your personal core values and how they will shape your ministry
  • Share your church core values in an effective way

This brief video (10:59) will teach you the importance of strengthening your church’s commitment to upholding biblical standards of both doctrine AND life for the sake of gospel.

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