Master’s Method Of Discipleship Video (2 of 6) by Steve Childers

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Now that the work of Jesus on earth is finished and he is ruling as King at the right hand of God the Father, how will the completion of God’s mission on earth be accomplished? By the disciples of Jesus obeying his command to make disciples of all nations until he returns.
This is why the central focus of Jesus’ brief life and ministry was not merely preaching, teaching or healing people, but on making disciples. And the New Testament gives us many glimpses of the Master’s discipleship method.

In this 6-part series you’ll be equipped to:

      • Discover practical insights from Jesus’ discipleship methods
      • Explain the nature and benefits of an intentional discipleship plan
      • Describe the benefits of balanced (and dangers of imbalanced) purposes in discipleship
      • Summarize the nature and value of five types of church discipleship strategies
      • Design a discipleship model for developing fully-devoted followers of Christ
      • Introduce a process for implementing discipleship pathways in your church

This brief video (7:14) will help you be more effective in making disciples.

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