The Music and The Dance in Christ-Centered Preaching: Watch the Preaching 2 Video

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Christ-centered preaching turns up the music of God’s amazing grace in Jesus and calls for the dance of loving God and loving people.

A core conviction in preaching is the need to communicate both: 1) the music of God’s radical love in Christ, and 2) the call to dance to that music, i.e. God’s radical call to gospel obedience.

In this FREE video, our focus is on the importance of preaching Christ in a way that helps people obey God’s word by relying on God’s grace in the gospel of Jesus Christ.

In this course, you’ll be equipped to:

  • Understand the necessary core convictions in preaching
  • Explain how Christ is the means and motive for Christian living
  • Share how God’s astonishing love in Christ impacts preaching
  • Design a practical method for preparing Christ-centered sermons
  • Demonstrate how to apply the gospel to the lives of believers
  • Illustrate how to preach Christ to believers and unbelievers

This brief video (5:34) will help you understand that the music of the gospel of God’s amazing grace is the core motivation for the dance of a life of gospel obedience.

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