Pop Quiz on the Glory of God: New Vision Video

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God’s primary purpose for the world is that his name would be glorified as he is worshipped and enjoyed by all nations. But often we don’t commend and cherish God like we should because we cherish idols in his place. Only as we learn to repent of our idolatry and draw near to Christ in faith will his streams of living water flow through us – for his sake and for the nations.

“We do not commend him because we do not cherish him. Worship is both the goal and the fuel of missions.” – John Piper

In this course you’ll be equipped to:

  • Know the story of God’s purpose
  • Experience the goal of God’s glory
  • Understand the nature of God’s kingdom
  • Explain the centrality of God’s church
  • Describe the good news of God’s gospel

This brief video (10:11) will teach you how to begin cherishing Christ more so you can begin to commend him to others with greater joy and power.

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