The Making of a Church Leader Video: 3 Effective Leadership Training Methods

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There were times when the disciples would listen to Jesus as he would preach and teach to crowds, but most of their learning was in an informal process as he did life with them.

In this next video, we’ll continue our study of leadership development principles and practices. In this course, you’ll be equipped to:

  • Understand the primacy of Christian character in leadership development
  • Demonstrate how leadership development occurs in relationships
  • Explain three effective training methods for developing leaders
  • Describe holistic core competencies needed for effective church leadership
  • Evaluate calling, giftedness, and core competencies for church leaders
  • Develop vision, mission, values, and plans for effective leadership development
  • Design and implement a practical leadership development plan in your church

This brief video (9:25) will help you design a holistic strategy to equip church leaders for effective ministry.

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