Why You Cannot Commend God: Evangelism Course Video 3 by Steve Childers

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Did you ever wonder why no threats, no calls for compassion, no courses, and no techniques make a lasting difference in your witnessing? It’s not about answering the question “how” to witness, but answering the question “why” we do or do not witness. This involves learning the profound, biblical truth in John Piper’s statement,

“You cannot commend what you do not cherish.”

In this video you’ll explore the biblical answers to these 4 questions that can make a big difference in not only your witnessing, but also your life:

  1. What does God call us to do? (God calls us to commend Him)
  2. Why don’t we commend him? (Because we don’t cherish Him)
  3. Why don’t we cherish him? (Because we cherish idols in His place)
  4. How can we commend him? (By cherishing God more than our idols)

In this 6-part series you’ll be equipped to:

      • Understand the biblical goals of evangelism
      • Explain three Scriptural motivations for evangelism
      • Articulate what the bible teaches about God and Sin
      • Proclaim the good news of Christ and salvation
      • Understand true repentance and faith in Christ
      • Explain essential methods of evangelism

This brief video (6:14) will help you understand the importance of commending God because you cherish God. 

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