Going Deeper: Beyond Behavioral Change by Steve Childers

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Video 3: Jesus Christ Changes Everything!

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(From a Steve Childers’ seminary classroom lecture – recorded live)

Jesus Christ changes everything: Behaviors, Values, Beliefs, and Worldviews

  • Level One: He changes peoples’ behaviors (what is done). How?
  • Level Two: He changes people’s values (what is good) that drive their behaviors. How?
  • Level Three: He changes people’s beliefs (what is true) that shape their values. How?
  • Level Four: He changes their worldviews (what is real) that forms their beliefs.

Gospel-centered leaders pray and strive to see Jesus Christ transform not only people’s behaviors, but also their deeper values, beliefs, and worldviews.

In this video, you will begin to explore the first three levels: Transformed behaviors, values, and beliefs.

In this 5-part series you’ll be equipped to:

      • Explain the value of having a Philosophy of Ministry
      • Describe the key components in contextualizing
      • Understand transformation beyond behavioral change
      • Define the four levels of cultural transformation
      • Understand how behaviors and worldviews relate to each other

This brief video (8:48) will help you understand the importance of not only transformed behaviors, but also transformed values and beliefs.

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