Ministry Styles 3: Worship Styles by Steve Childers

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Video 3: Determining Your Worship Styles

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In determining your worship styles you will need to select a Biblically-based, culturally appropriate set of worship emphases, elements and models for your church. In this part of the series, you’re answering the very important question:

What will the Biblical purpose of worship look like in your worship styles?

Everyone answers these questions whether they realize it or not. The question is whether you will thoughtfully consider these questions in a way that fulfills the Biblical purposes and speaks powerfully and effectively to your ministry focused group.

In this 6-part series you’ll be equipped to:

      • Recognize the risks in adapting ministry styles
      • Describe the dynamics of under and over-adapting
      • Define worship emphases, elements, and models
      • Identify learning models, styles, and principles
      • Explain fellowship celebrations, congregations, and cells
      • Analyze outreach gathering and scattering styles

This brief video (6:48) will help you with determining and selecting appropriate worship styles for your church.

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