What is Missional Theology? New Applied Theology Course Video by Steve Childers & John Frame

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Professors John Frame and Steve Childers combine almost 90 years of experience to help you practically apply theology to your life and ministry. Study the 8 foundations Scripture provides for developing sound theology.

God means for the revelation of his mission in Scripture to shape our theology, to draw us into its plot, and to compel us to align our life purpose with his for the world.

The Bible gives us more than just a set of truths to help us develop our theology. It also gives us a unified, unfolding story to shape our theology. It provides a unique and true story for understanding the history of the world all culminating in Christ. If we would have a sound theology of the Bible, then we must rightly understand God’s mission detailed throughout Genesis to Revelation.

In this course you’ll be equipped to:

  • Understand why everyone is a theologian
  • Explain how to develop sound theology
  • Articulate the biblical foundation of sound theology
  • Understand the missional foundation of sound theology
  • Explain how God’s Lordship and Triune nature shape theology
  • Describe redemptive history and covenants in theology
  • Explain how salvation, Christ, and the gospel “fit” in theology

This brief video (4:04) will help you learn how God means for the revelation of his mission in Scripture to shape your theology, to draw you into its plot, and to compel you to align your life purpose more with his.

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