Called to Rule Now & Forever: Course Video 4 by Steve Childers

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Many are surprised to learn that at the heart of the gospel is the good news that all who are saved by grace through faith are not only forgiven, but also raised up and seated with Christ so they might rule and reign with him on the earth in both this age and the age to come.

Did you know the Bible teaches …

1. Before you were ever born, God prepared your good works to be a part of his plan to cause his kingdom to come and will to be done on the earth.

2. God calls you to display your good works by ruling with him on earth now as a preview of how you’ll one day rule with him on a new earth forever.

3. God means for your good works to encompass every area of your life on earth, including your work in not only this age but also the age to come.

 Before you were ever born, God prepared your good works to be a part of his plan for the world.

In this video you’ll learn how God made you to be like an ancient king’s statue to represent his dominion as you reflect his image in all your spheres of life in the temple of God’s world both now and forever.

In this 6-Lesson Course you’ll be equipped to:

      • Explain why work is a blessing meant to give our life purpose
      • Recognize God’s calling to honor and worship him in our work
      • Understand how our work makes a difference in the world
      • Teach how God prepared our good works before we were born
      • Explain how God’s mission in the world relates to our work
      • Describe why our work matters, not just now, but forever

This brief video (7:18) will help you understand how God calls you to bear his image by reflecting his dominion over all your spheres of influence in the temple of God’s world.

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