Church Bulletins Sometimes Lie: Watch New Course Video

Steve —  December 13, 2019 — Leave a comment

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Don’t be confused. There’s a huge difference between a church’s stated values and their true values.

It’s very common, especially in the early years, for churches to work hard at developing a great set of written core values they publicize everywhere, including their church bulletin. But how can we know whether it’s really a “core value” of our church or just a “stated value”?

In this course you’ll be equipped to:

  • Clearly define the doctrinal truths that church members and leaders must affirm
  • Communicate the behaviors that are expected of church leaders and members
  • Help church leaders and members understand the underlying values that drive their behaviors
  • Explain the significant difference between stated and core values
  • Develop your personal core values and how they will shape your ministry
  • Share your church core values in an effective way

This brief video (4:22) will help you understand the practical difference between your churches stated and core values and why that matters.

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