Cultural Perspective of Worship Video (4 of 6) by Steve Childers & John Frame

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Scripture prescribes some things regarding worship, but there are many things it doesn’t prescribe. For instance, Scripture commands us to meet together for worship, but it doesn’t tell us the time or place, how we should dress, or who should pray and how we should pray.

When Scripture commands us to do something, but doesn’t instruct us exactly how to do it, we should use our God-given human reason guided by general biblical principles.

In this 6-part series you’ll be equipped to:

      • Distinguish between worship in its broad and narrow sense
      • Affirm the vertical and horizontal dimensions of worship
      • Understand the role of Scripture as the only authority regarding worship practices
      • Learn how to determine worship practices not addressed in Scripture
      • Illustrate how worship includes our understanding, affections, and behavior
      • Demonstrate the importance of the means of grace and the elements of worship

This brief video (7:09) will help you understand the distinction between the general elements Scripture commands us to have in worship and the specific ways we are to carry out those elements.

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