Kingdom Prayer 4: Prayer in the Book of Acts by Steve Childers & Larry Kirk

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Video 4: Prayer in the Book of Acts

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In the Book of Acts, we find the remarkable work of the ascended Jesus continuing to advance God’s kingdom on earth through the church by prayer.

Christians are used to thinking about prayer as only a means to get their personal needs met. More mature Christians understand prayer as also a means to praise and adore God, to know him, to come into his presence and be changed by him. But there is another kind of prayer that is not well know. It is what we call Kingdom Prayer.

In this 6-part series you’ll be equipped to:

      • Understand the importance of prayer–especially in crises
      • See the connection between prayer and the kingdom of God
      • Explain the place of prayer in the ministry of Jesus
      • Pray front-line, God-centered Kingdom prayers
      • Apply the Lord’s Prayer to your private and public prayers
      • Pray confidently, persistently, and in faith

This brief video (7:31) will help you see the importance of frontline, kingdom prayer through the Book of Acts.

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