The Profoundest Problem: Why Does God Find It Difficult To Forgive? Evangelism Video 5 by Steve Childers

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Why can’t God just forgive like I forgive? It’s called the profoundest of all problems and the basic riddle of the universe:

God is a merciful Father, but he is also a just Judge. How can God display the fulness of both his mercy and his justice without compromising both? God’s mercy and justice must be reconciled. Which is more unchangeable and irreversible: God’s mercy or God’s justice? The one cannot give way to the other. “Both must stand, else the pillars of the universe will be shaken.”

The degree to which you understand this profoundest of all problems is the degree to which you can understand the profoundest of all solutions found only in the cross of Jesus Christ.

In this 6-Lesson Course you’ll be equipped to:

      • Understand the biblical goals of evangelism
      • Explain three Scriptural motivations for evangelism
      • Describe Jesus’ Gospel of the Kingdom
      • Articulate what the Bible teaches about God
      • Explain the results of the Fall of humanity
      • Proclaim the good news of Christ and salvation
      • Understand true repentance and faith in Christ
      • Explain essential methods of evangelism

This brief video (7:49) will explain the profoundest of all problems as the foundation for understanding the profoundest of all solutions.

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