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The Revelation of God’s
Triune Gospel Part 1: Creation

Gospel means “good news,” and the Bible reveals to us the good news that the Father’s creation, ruined by the Fall, is being redeemed by Christ and restored by the Holy Spirit into the Kingdom of God. In the gospel we see the nature and work of the Triune God reestablishing his kingdom on the earth after the Fall.

To help us better understand this, let’s look first at how God’s original mission for humanity and the world was inaugurated by him at creation – which is the way God’s kingdom is supposed to be. Then we’ll examine how God’s kingdom was overthrown by Satan and sin at the Fall – which is not the way God’s kingdom is supposed to be.

The Father’s Creation: The Way God’s Kingdom Is Supposed to Be

The Scriptures teach that God created the world out of nothing, and then he rested. But God’s work in creation did not stop at the beginning, like the deists’ imagined clockmaker who creates a clock, winds it up, and then steps back to allow the clock to work completely on its own.

Instead, as soon as God rested from his original work of creation, he immediately continued his creative work by sustaining and ruling over everything he had created. This is called God’s providence (Prov 15:3, Ps 104:24). God sustains and rules over all creation not only directly as Sovereign King, but also indirectly through his image bearers, as they cultivate and develop his creation on the earth.

Creation in its original state was good, but it was far from complete. So God made humans through whom he would continue to develop his creation and establish his kingdom on the earth.

When God created the world, he designed the way it’s supposed to operate. So God’s creation includes not only the laws which govern the physical and biological world but also a creative order of laws and norms for the way things are supposed to be.

For example, this creation order includes things like the sanctity of life, the Sabbath rhythm, the institution of marriage, the sanctity of work, and even political order as examples of his creative order (Rom 13:1, 1 Tim 4:3-4, 1 Pet 2:13) for the ultimate flourishing of humanity on earth. God’s plan was for Adam and Eve to develop his creation by multiplying and subduing it according to this creative order.

As Adam and Eve learned how to apply these laws and norms in all their spheres of life, God’s plan was to establish his kingdom on earth through their application of them, developing the whole domain of human relationships and societal organizations for his glory. The result of Adam and Eve developing God’s creative order under their influence is called culture.

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