NEW Course by John Frame and Steve Childers on Perspectives in Theology: Watch the Perspectives 5 Video

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In the gospel we see the nature and work of the Triune God
re-establishing his kingdom on the earth after the Fall.

Learn how God’s original mission for humanity and the world was inaugurated by him at creation – which is the way God’s kingdom is supposed to be.

In this NEW Applied Theology Project Course, you’ll be equipped to:

  • Explain why both the religious and non-religious have faith
  • Understand how God has broken through to reveal himself
  • Describe how God uses analogies to reveal his personal attributes
  • Understand who God is and what God does as Triune Lord
  • Recognize how God created the world to be his kingdom on earth
  • Describe how the Father’s kingdom on earth is overthrown by the fall
  • See how Jesus’ redemption and Spirit’s restoration restore the kingdom
  • Learn how to see all life through the revelation of God’s Triune Lordship

This brief video (3:33) will help you understand God’s original plan to establish his kingdom on earth through his image bearers – and how his plan continues today.

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