Spreading Renewal: Gospel Renewal Video 5 by Steve Childers

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Our vision for renewal must include not only our local church gathering of believers, but also many churches in our nearby regions, and throughout the world. Paul’s vision was not only to help start and develop one church as a lone kingdom outpost in a region, but to help start and develop clusters of churches in the surrounding regions that would have a much greater kingdom impact on the region and the world.
John Calvin, Richard Baxter and other ecumenical Protestants have rightly insisted that only a united body of Christ in each region can effectively design and carry out ministry. – Richard Lovelace
In this video, you’ll learn:
  • No single church has the gifts and resources to do gospel ministry effectively to all the diverse people in one community and region
  • A vision for renewal includes churches working in partnership with other churches called “networks” and “alliances”
  • A vision for networks and alliances that birth “gospel renewal movements”

In this course you’ll be equipped to:

  • See a vision for personal, church, and community renewal
  • Understand how the gospel brings personal renewal
  • Explain how gospel renewal dynamics bring church renewal
  • Teach how the church facilitates community renewal
  • See how networks, alliances and movements bring renewal
  • Demonstrate how heart renewal is the heart of all renewal

This brief video (8:42) will help you understand how serving with clusters of churches will have a much greater kingdom impact than just one church in your region and throughout the world.

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