3 Marks of a Gospel-Centered Church and Life: New Vision Course and Video from Pathway Learning

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The transforming power of the gospel in salvation includes more than merely saving people from sin’s penalty. The gospel also saves people from sin’s domineering power. And the gospel is good news for those suffering under all forms of poverty and injustice. Therefore, a gospel-centered church (and life) centers on:

1) Good News for the Lost = Effective Evangelism

2) Good News for the Found = Intentional Discipleship

3) Good News for the Community = Compassionate Mercy

In this course you’ll be equipped to:

  • Know the story of God’s purpose
  • Experience the goal of God’s glory
  • Understand the nature of God’s kingdom
  • See the church as the hope for the world
  • Demonstrate three marks of the Gospel

This brief video (14:52) will teach you what it means to be a gospel-centered church and Christian through whom God’s invisible kingdom becomes more visible to the lost, found, and poor in your community.

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