How To Develop An Effective Discipleship Plan: Video 6 of 6 by Steve Childers

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The reason most local churches do not have more mature disciples is because they don’t have an intentional discipleship plan. And when many of their discipleship plans are carefully evaluated, they’re often outdated and ineffective.

What does an effective discipleship plan look like?

An effective discipleship plan should consist of intentional pathways, with practical steps that can help someone, at any level of spiritual maturity, become a more fully devoted follower of Jesus. And it must be designed for implementation through relationships in groups that are intentionally focused on spiritual nurture and ministry.

In this final session, our focus is on practical ways to develop and execute an intentional, effective discipleship plan in your local church.

In this 6-part series you’ll be equipped to:

      • Discover practical insights from Jesus’ discipleship methods
      • Explain the nature and benefits of an intentional discipleship plan
      • Describe the benefits of understanding and applying 5 key biblical-universal principles in discipleship
      • Summarize the essential marks of a mature disciple
      • Learn practical lessons from the discipleship methods of Jesus
      • Introduce a process for implementing discipleship pathways in your church

This brief video (7:30) will help you understand how to develop and execute an intentional, effective discipleship plan in a local church.

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