Creation Regained: New Applied Theology Course Video by Steve Childers & John Frame

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Professors John Frame and Steve Childers combine almost 90 years of experience to help you practically apply theology to your life and ministry. Study the 8 foundations Scripture provides for developing sound theology.

The ultimate goal of salvation is to restore fallen humanity and creation so they will flourish in a new earth for eternity.

The essence of salvation is the restoration of God’s original purposes in creation. What needs to be restored is humanity’s broken relationship with God, self, others, and creation because of the Fall. These relationships are the building blocks for all of life. When they are functioning properly we experience the fullness of life that God intended.

In this course you’ll be equipped to:

  • Understand why everyone is a theologian
  • Explain how to develop sound theology
  • Articulate the biblical foundation of sound theology
  • Understand the missional foundation of sound theology
  • Explain how God’s Lordship shapes theology
  • Explain how God’s Triune nature shapes theology
  • Describe how redemptive history shapes theology
  • Understand how biblical covenants shape theology
  • Articulate how the essence of salvation is restoration
  • Explain how salvation, Christ, and the gospel “fit” in theology

This brief video (5:01) will help you learn how sound theology reflects the good news of God’s saving grace that restores fallen humanity and creation to the full beauty of his original design.

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