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The Son’s Redemption

The gospel is the good news that God’s kingdom has entered the world through the person and work of Jesus Christ, by his Spirit, to redeem and restore humanity’s broken relationships with God, others, themselves, and all of creation because of sin.

The Son’s Redemption (Redemption Accomplished): The Kingdom has Come

The good news is that through his birth, life, death, resurrection, and ascension, God has given Jesus authority as Lord to give all who believe in him not only a new record before God but also a new heart and a new world when Jesus returns.

This is the good news of not only our forgiveness because Jesus took the curse for all our sins on himself on the cross, but also that God considers Jesus’ perfect record of obedience to be ours. God now accepts and loves all who believe in Christ just as he accepts and loves his one and only Son.

God also promises to deliver all who believe in Christ from sin’s domineering power, by freely giving them a new heart and a new Spirit to empower them to love God and others.

God also promises that one day Jesus will return and bring the fullness of God’s kingdom on earth by restoring all things that were lost because of sin. On that day we will be made new in soul and body and delivered not only from sin’s penalty and power, but also its influence and presence. Then Jesus will bring an end to all suffering and restore all things to God’s original design.

In the gospel we see the nature and work of the Triune God reestablishing his kingdom on the earth after the Fall. Earlier we saw how God inaugurated his original mission for humanity and the world at creation – which is the way God’s kingdom is supposed to be. Then we examined how God’s kingdom was overthrown by Satan and sin at the Fall – which is not the way God’s kingdom is supposed to be.

Now we’ll examine the good news that God’s kingdom entered the world through the person and work of Jesus Christ to inaugurate God’s kingdom on the earth and begin restoring fallen humanity and creation by his Spirit – which is the way God’s kingdom is already on the earth.

Finally, we’ll learn that when Jesus returns, God’s kingdom will come to the earth in all its fullness as his Spirit restores all things lost in humanity and creation to God’s original design – which is the way God’s kingdom is not yet (but will be).

The Way God’s Kingdom is Already

Jesus stands at the center of the biblical story, proclaiming good news that through him God is restoring his rule as King over all of fallen human life and creation. Jesus taught that God’s kingdom is already in our midst (Luke 17:20-21), displayed by his signs and wonders, and that God’s kingdom is also coming, so we should pray for it to come. (Matt 6:9)

This means we’re living in a very unique period of history—between the already of God’s kingdom coming to earth in the first coming of Christ, and the not yet of God’s kingdom coming to earth when Jesus returns to make all things new. The bible refers to this period in history as the last days.

The good news of Jesus’ resurrection is not only about the Father’s affirmation of Jesus’ victory over death for us, but also the inauguration of God’s kingdom coming on earth in a new way.

The outpouring of God’s Spirit is both for our personal salvation and for the empowerment of his Church to fulfill his mission to make his invisible kingdom visible over all things. The good news is that God has given Jesus authority, through his Spirit, to form a new corporate humanity, the Church, to embody and bear witness to God’s kingdom on earth in word and deed.

This new community of God’s people is meant to be marked by deep relationships of unity and love that serve as a foretaste and instrument of the kingdom of God still to come, when Jesus returns to make all things new.

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