Why Did Jesus Have To Die? Evangelism Video 8 by Steve Childers

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Childers’ Vintage Seminary Class Video (Bad Quality Video But Great Content)

To understand the cross, we must understand the true meaning of Jesus’ death:

“Divine self-satisfaction through divine self-substitution.”

The horrible torture and physical crucifixion Jesus experienced by “the wrath of man” does not save us. We are saved by the infinitely far more horrible “wrath of God” that the Father poured out on Jesus at the cross for our sin, in our place, and as our substitute to satisfy his demand for justice. This means Jesus not only died for us, he also died for God. It’s amazing grace – what God requires, he provides in Christ!

It’s amazing grace – what God requires, he provides!

In this 6-Lesson Course you’ll be equipped to:

      • Understand the biblical goals of evangelism
      • Explain three Scriptural motivations for evangelism
      • Describe Jesus’ Gospel of the Kingdom
      • Articulate what the Bible teaches about God
      • Explain what the Bible teaches about Sin
      • Proclaim the good news of Christ’s Saving Life
      • Explain the good news of Christ’s Saving Death
      • Understand true repentance and faith in Christ
      • Explain essential methods of evangelism

This brief video (8:42) will help you understand the biblical concept of the cross as “God satisfying himself by substituting himself.” 

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