Free Online Course – Good News You Can Use: The Good News of Jesus’ Life (Video 2)

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(Childers’ Vintage Seminary Class Video: Bad Quality Video But Great Content)

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People today are often confused about the relationship between good works of obedience to God’s Law and salvation in Jesus Christ. Throughout the Old and New Testaments, God has always and only saved people by good works. Because God is perfectly just, his salvation must always be “conditional,” it must always be based on obedience to his Law – or he would be unjust.

In this FREE COURSE, we’ll take a closer look at what the bible teaches about the good news that Jesus saves us just as much by his sacrificial life of perfect obedience to God’s law for us as by his sacrificial death for us on the cross. Jonathan Edwards put it this way: “Every act of Christ’s obedience was propitious.”

“Every act of Christ’s obedience was propitious” – Jonathan Edwards

You’ll be equipped to:

  • Describe Jesus’ gospel of the kingdom as more than personal salvation
  • Understand how Jesus saves us by BOTH his sacrificial life and death
  • Articulate the meaning of Jesus’ death as a substitutionary atonement
  • Delineate the difference between Jesus’ suffering man’s wrath and God’s wrath
  • Explain the meaning of the resurrected Christ as the firstborn of many
  • Share why the essence of the gospel is summarized by Paul as Our God reigns!

This brief video (5:49) will help you understand why the only way God can save people is “conditionally”, through good works of obedience to God’s Law.


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