Managing Conflict 3: How do I Manage Conflict?

Steve —  April 6, 2018 — Leave a comment

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Learn how to manage conflict by knowing the difference between healthy and unhealthy conflict

There is a big difference between constructive criticism and sinful antagonism. Some leaders become unnecessarily paranoid when others disagree with them. In this video you’ll learn how to identify and manage conflict in a healthy way by answering the question, “How do I manage conflict?”

One of the primary tests of how well you understand the gospel is how you respond to criticism. When we believe in the gospel, people can still hurt us deeply but they cannot crush us.

This 6-part series addresses the church leader’s need to prevent and manage conflict in a way that loves people and honors God.

    • How do I understand conflict?
    • How do I redeem conflict?
    • How do I manage conflict?
    • How do I engage conflict?
    • How do I own conflict?
    • How do I reconcile conflict?

This brief video (5:48) will help you answer the question, “How do I manage conflict?” and think through what the answers mean for your life.

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