Managing Conflict 6 – How Do I Forgive Someone Who Wronged Me?

Steve —  April 27, 2018 — Leave a comment

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The final step in resolving all conflicts is to forgive those who sin against you and be reconciled as far as it depends on you.

It will always cost you something great to forgive someone else. The person who has wronged you is in your debt until you decide to release that debt you’ve been holding on to. Forgiveness is a costly choice, but a choice that always pays the giver rich dividends. In this video, you’ll learn the bible’s answers to the questions:

What is true forgiveness?

How can I truly forgive someone?

It’s been said that to be reconciled means to replace hostility and separation with peace and friendship. The personal offenses that separate you from another person must be laid to rest through your confession and your forgiveness.

This 6-part series addresses the leader’s need to prevent and manage conflict in a way that loves people and honors God.

    • How do I understand conflict?
    • How do I redeem conflict?
    • How do I manage conflict?
    • How do I engage conflict?
    • How do I own conflict?
    • How do I reconcile conflict?

This brief video (3:58) will help you answer the question, “How do I reconcile conflict?” and think through what the answers mean for your life.

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