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Behzad 1

Behzad in 1973 when he met Steve.

A converted Jew from Tehran, named Behzad Pakizegi, led me to Christ during my freshman year in college. For the next three years he invested himself in me, teaching me not just by his words, but mostly by his life, what it means to be a follower of Christ. God greatly used Behzad to radically alter the trajectory of the rest of my life. We’ve been friends now for over forty years. So when I heard the news that he has just been admitted to a hospital in San Diego for triple-by-pass surgery, it hit me hard.

I’ve been talking with him by phone and sending him words of encouragement by email he can read on his iPhone while he is lying in a hospital bed waiting for his surgery this morning. My youngest daughter, Laura, who has never met him, asked me if she could also write him an email. She did. Words cannot express how much her email meant to him. This is her email to him below. Please consider reading this as a way of being introduced to this dear life-long friend and brother in Christ. Then please join me in praying for him. Thank you. Steve

Dear Behzad,

It’s likely that by now my proud and adoring father has told you all about me and maybe even shown you my picture or made you listen to my singing. I am sorry. If it’s any consolation, you are not alone. You join a long line of people who have been made subject to my parents’ doting and to whom I now feel more than slightly indebted.

My parents told me that you were in the hospital. I hate hospitals: the beeping, the fluorescent lighting, the smell of rubbing alcohol, the endless waiting, the food that looks and smells like it’s from space. Hospitals make the panic bird light inside my brain. So in the chance that you are at all like me, I hope this letter can provide a small respite.

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