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It seems like yesterday I was in my 20’s planting a church. Now I’m in my 60’s learning how to be a grandfather! How did this happen?

As I look back on almost 40 years in ministry, I’ve learned that 3 things must be central in ministry:

#1. The Gospel

The purpose of the gospel is not merely to forgive us, but also to change us into true worshippers of God, authentic lovers of people, and agents of transformation in the world.

#2. The Church

The church is the only institution on earth Jesus has promised to build and to bless. This is why the church is the most effective evangelistic, discipleship, and mercy methodology.

#3. The Education of Church Leaders

The health of the church in every generation is directly linked to the health of its leaders. When church leaders flourish, churches flourish. When churches flourish, people and societies flourish. To put the education of church leaders first is to put society first.

Looking back with joy and sadness

In partnership with people like you, I’ve had the privilege of helping educate church leaders from more than 50 countries and 300 denominations. But I’ve also had my heart broken by seeing this critical need of church leaders.

Most church leaders around the world lack the training and tools to start and develop churches that transform lives and have a lasting impact on their communities.

Looking forward with new hope

For the first time in history…

We can bring affordable, practical, seminary-level courses to students where they live, in their language, and adapted to their culture.

Using our innovative online and onsite educational platform, we can now equip leaders, wherever they live, to start and develop churches that have effective ministries of evangelism, discipleship, and service to the poor.

We’re launching new courses for under-served church leaders in West Africa, Southern Asia, North America, with new doors opening in Europe. Take a look at some of the things God is already doing through Pathway Learning-and what lies ahead in 2017:

West Africa

After years of training West African leaders, next summer we’re launching our “training trainers” course. See French video and leader testimony: Click Here.

South Asia

After launching our first Mandarin course this year in the underground church, next year we’ll train hundreds more with a new course. See photos: Click Here.

North America

More than 400 students have taken our courses in USA. And more than 100 students are taking courses for seminary credit now. See video: Click Here.

As I look back, I’m filled with gratitude to God for your partnership with me. Paul captures my emotions with his words,

“I thank my God in all my remembrance of you…because of your partnership in the gospel from the first day until now.

I hope you’ll join us and help bring this solution to more than a million church leaders in the next ten years.

For the Nations.

Steve Childers

President, Pathway Learning

PS: Click the button below to watch this 1-minute video about Pathway Learning.

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I Go Because You Send

Steve —  December 10, 2016 — Leave a comment

Pathway Learning is committed to helping educate under-served church leaders to develop churches that transform lives and communities.

We’ve had a tremendous year of growth in 2016, and we’re looking forward to what God has in store for 2017.

And now at year’s end, we need your assistance to
raise the funds necessary to increase our education of
church leaders in 2017. Will you help?

This past year, by using our innovative online and onsite educational platform, we’ve equipped emerging church leaders with courses in evangelism, discipleship, church planting, leadership, and missions. We also translated and launched our first Mandarin course for the Asian underground church.

In 2017, we’re launching new courses for under-served church leaders in West Africa, South Asia, North America, and West Europe.

These courses will help indigenous church planters and pastors develop churches that have effective ministries of evangelism, discipleship, and mercy/justice to the poor.

And we’re launching new courses with Dr. John Frame, called the Applied Theology Project. To do all this, we need to end 2016 strong financially.

The only institution Jesus promised to build and to bless is the church. But for churches to transform lives and communities, they need effective leaders.

When church leaders flourish, churches flourish. When churches flourish, people and societies flourish. To put the education of church leaders first is to put society first.

The reason I’m able to go help establish our online and onsite platforms for leaders in remote places like West Africa and South Asia in 2017, is because people like you send me-through your donations, small and large.

Will you help?










P.S. – The generosity of friends like you is key to our mission. We need your help to raise $200,000 in 2016 and be ready for 2017. Thank you.


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Most church leaders would love to learn the nuts and bolts of how to plant and grow a church but they don’t know where to start. They have the desire, but not the tools. That’s where Steve Childers’ church planting and development course* will help you.

*the course will be offered live (in person on the RTS-Orlando campus only), not by video streaming.

Christian leaders from more than 50 countries, representing over 300 denominations and mission agencies, have taken this training.
For the past 25 years Dr. Steve Childers has trained thousands of church planters, pastors and missionaries (in 7 languages on 5 continents) to start, grow, and multiply gospel-centered churches.



Lectures, discussions, and learning activities will allow you to formulate your own culturally contextualized vision, philosophy, mission, values, and strategy that can find immediate application in the field.
The primary outcome of the course will be a personalized Church Planting and Development Plan the student can actually use in planting and growing a gospel-centered church. Note: This Church Planting and Development Plan normally meets the required criteria of most denominations and mission agencies for church planting or development.


The first weekly training session is on Tuesday, February 10 from 6pm-9pm and will continue to meet weekly until May 12th. If you or anyone you know would like to take this course, please contact RTS Orlando’s registrar at or you may call 407-278-8832.

Although this accredited course is being made available for those pursuing an M.A. or M.Div degree, it is also being made available to the general public for the special audit price of $150.00–that’s $1200.00 off the normal price of the course. Please let the RTS registrar know if you want to take the course for credit or audit.