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Reformed Theology and the Mission of God in the 21st Century is the theme of the World Reformed Fellowship 4th General Assembly meeting in Sao Paulo, Brazil March 23-27, 2015.

Plenary speakers, gospel preachers, worship leaders, workshop teachers, and discussion facilitators will be gathering from around the world for this 5-day global conference being sponsored by MacKenzie University and the Presbyterian Church of Brazil. Church leaders will be focusing on “Critical Issues Facing the Global Church.” Countries represented include Australia, Bangladesh, Brazil, Germany, Hong Kong, Indonesia, Iran, Mexico, Nepal, Northern Ireland, South Africa, Turkey, United Kingdom, Uganda, USA, etc.

Plenary speakers include (in order):

  • Sam Logan: World Reformed Fellowship International Director
  • Luder Whitlock: History of World Reformed Fellowship 1
  • Paul Gilchrist: History of World Reformed Fellowship 2
  • Christopher Wright: The Langham Partnership
  • Doug Birdsall: The Lausanne Committee for World Evangelization
  • Thomas Schirrmacher: The World Evangelical Alliance
  • Ligon Duncan: The Gospel Coalition
  • David Baer: The Overseas Council
  • Christine Schirrmacher: The Challenge of Islam 1
  • Stephen Tong: The Challenge of Islam 2
  • Diane Langberg: The Abuse of Women
  • Jim Gamble: The Trafficking of Humans
  • Boz Tchividjian: The Sexual Abuse of Children in Religious Environments
  • Phil Monroe: Ministering to Victims of Sexual Trauma
  • Flip Buys: The Prosperity Gospel
  • Sheryl Haw: The Biblical Response to the Poor
  • Steve Childers: The Vision for Global Church Planting

Live Streaming and Recording

Although registration is closed, Mackenzie University will arrange for live Internet streaming of all Assembly plenary sessions (with the possible exception of Dr. Christine Schirrmacher’s presentation on Islam). Mackenzie University will also record (audio only) all plenary sessions.


The Global Problem: Spiritual, Societal, and Cultural Decay

After spending 35 years in ordained gospel ministry as a church planter, pastor, para-church trainer, and seminary professor, teaching church planters, pastors, and missionaries, I’m convinced there is a very serious global problem today that most Christians do not seem to be fully aware of:

Never has there been a time in history when there have been more churches and more professing Christians. Yet, despite the remarkable spread of Christianity, spiritual darkness, and societal and cultural decay are reaching unprecedented levels globally. Spiritual emptiness, corrupt leadership, extreme poverty, pandemic disease and rampant illiteracy are still ravaging the lives of billions today. And far worse, there are still billions who have not even heard the gospel of Jesus Christ.

Even where the church is growing most rapidly (especially in Asia, Africa and Latin America), the results are often forms of Christianity with little or no true, lasting transformation of individuals, families and societies. Is there any wonder why most people today are not looking to the church, but to governments, educational institutions, and a host of other philanthropic and religious organizations for solutions to these global crises? And despite all the well-intentioned attempts and sporadic successes of governments, schools, and other organizations over many years, the harsh reality is that this spiritual darkness, societal, and cultural decay are worsening globally.

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