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Wade WilliamsAs I reflect back on Wade William’s life and ministry, I’m reminded of two things about him. First, I’ve never known a man who had a deeper appreciation for the rich diversity of worship across all the vast cultural spectrums in the body of Christ. And I’ve never known a man with a greater passion to see Jesus Christ exalted in the hearts of His worshippers. When I first heard of Wade’s death, my mind was flooded with reminders of our previous conversations over the years, especially those about our personal struggles and shared ministry passions.

Since I couldn’t focus on work anymore, I decided to put his name in my computer’s finder and just see what surfaced. My mind and heart weren’t ready for the sorrow and hope all our past emails, photos (2 posted here) and shared documents would produce. I want to share one of those items with you. It’s a letter Wade wrote many years ago to several, seasoned worship leaders around the U.S., trying to recruit them to do something worship leaders don’t normally do. As you read excerpts from his letter below, note his deep appreciation for worship diversity and his great passion for Christ to be exalted in His worshippers.

Dear Brothers,

I am writing to enlist your worship leadership in an upcoming conference. For this conference, we want to model a variety of worship styles to the church planters & leaders who will be there, as well as provide inspiration for some worship leaders who will also be present for training.

I am asking you each to take a small role, and serve the Body of Christ by leading one service for this group of Christ’s servants. Any one of you could lead for the entire week, but we want to model a diversity of approaches, so we are asking for multiple worship leaders, who will take only one service each.

I will serve as your coordinator and your “introducer” at the beginning of each service (sort of a week-long “emcee” role). Myself, and several other musicians in attendance for the entire week, will be available to assist you if you need that (guitars, woodwinds, piano, vocals, etc.).

One more thing: As you consider this role, I would like for you to realize what we’re calling a “covert gospel renewal goal” in this conference. Each day of training has a gospel renewal aspect (theme) emphasized, sometimes openly, sometimes it’s just behind the curriculum, which we would like for the worship (liturgy & song choices) to reflect, to some degree.

Those gospel themes are listed below. And of course, we want to lead our brothers and sisters there in “heart-felt, Christ-centered” worship, to the glory of God – not ourselves. Congregation (audience) participation is important – so please choose songs which others can join in on.

Advanced Worship Workshop 2005

Wade teaching on worship at a church planting conference

Please contact me soon and let me know of your interest & ability to participate. There is no compensation for this gig, by the way – but your conference tuition is covered and there will be a few perks I can throw in, especially for those who are not local.

And yes, you may come for only part of the week if that is your desire, but I recommend the entire week – it’s really good for our personal renewal. Please reply ASAP.

Yours in Christ,


PS: Here is my suggested line-up:  

Time                         Leader/Liturgist         “Style”                       Gospel Theme

Monday pm                Leader Name               High Energy Band       Election

Tuesday am                Leader Name               Hymnody, etc             Propitiation

Tuesday pm                Leader Name               Acoustic                     Justification

Wednesday am           Leader Name               Singer/songwriter     Adoption

Thursday am               Leader Name               Celtic                          Holy Spirit

Thursday pm               Leader Name               Ancient/Future          Redemption

Friday am                    Leader Name               Contemporary            Glorification

Wade Williams, July 10,1953-May 1, 2014

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