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by Steve Childers

Having seen the movie twice myself, I thought it would be helpful for us who’ve seen it (and plan on seeing it) to discern the reason why Victor Hug’s classic tale resonates with us so powerfully. The following is a list of the 10 most helpful articles I have come across (in no particular order). Not all agree on the quality of the film, but they all praise Hugo’s masterful portrayal of the human condition. Tim Keller seems to have felt very similarly to how Becky and I felt after seeing the most recent musical film.

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1) Les Misérables: Law, Grace and Redemption by L. Michael Morales (Ligonier)

A survey of the major themes in Victor Hugo’s monumental novel by Morales.

2) Give Me Law Or Give Me Death! by Tullian Tcividjian (Coral Ridge)

An in-depth look into Javert’s (our) natural addiction to the law.

3) The Power of ‘Les Misérables’ by Tony Reinke (Desiring God)

Doesn’t recommend the movie, but explains why we don’t need the new film to explore Les Mis.

4) Law and Grace in ‘Les Mis’ by Mike Cosper (Sojourn)

An overview of why Les Mis resonates with us.

5) Is Les Mis a Good Christmas Movie? by Marc T. Newman (Christian Post)

Interesting insights on “Sin in the Cinema.”

6) The Gospel and Les Mis, Part 1 & Part 2 by Matthew Weinstock (The Two Cities)

A 2-part blog post focusing on Valjean and Javert.

7) Do You Hear the People Sing? Les Misérables and the Hope of the Gospel by Christopher West (Cor Project)

A Roman Catholic perspective on “the collective cry of humanity” in Les Mis.

8) Les Mis, Law, and Gospel (30 minute audio interview) by Mike Horton (White Horse Inn) & David Zahl (Mockingbird Blog)

Excellent discussion on how the law and the gospel are reflected in Les Mis.

9) Les Misérables: A Review (Performance) by Camerin Courtney (Christianity Today)

Provides discussion questions to go with the review.

10) Les Misérables: Quotes to Ponder by Trevin Wax (Gospel Project-Lifeway)

“He did not study God, he was dazzled by Him.” And other great quotes.