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Thanks to friends like you, people’s lives and communities are being transformed around the world. I’d like to introduce you to Craig Garriott (on far left in photo) and some of his team who are equipping church leaders to serve the under-resourced communities in the inner city of Baltimore and from other places around the world.

Craig is the Dean of Church Planting & Renewal at Metro Baltimore Seminary (MBS) where he uses Pathway Learning courses to equip church leaders to plant and renew churches that provide the spiritual and physical resources that are desperately needed among the urban poor.

Some of the church leaders he’s training include a former Hindu priest from Nepal, a Kurdish church leader, and a former Muslim from Iraq. Another student is Azure, a music teacher to Baltimore’s under-resourced children and a seminary student. She writes,

Going to MBS and being in the cohort with Pathway Learning, like the recent Kingdom Prayer module, fuels my soul and strengthens me to teach and love my students. I am so thankful for this opportunity to be equipped for Christ’s mission to make disciples. It’s a dream come true.

Craig knows that a healthy church is the most effective, long-term way to transform lives and communities in Baltimore – and in every city. Through a local church’s effective ministries of evangelism, discipleship, and mercy, people are discipled out of poverty.

Craig is committed to providing the best education for church leaders. This is why he uses Pathway Learning courses. He writes,

Pathway Learning makes it possible for us to provide excellent gospel training for the wide array of urban church leaders we serve.

When you give to Pathway Learning, you help equip underserved church leaders with the training and tools they need to plant and renew churches that transform lives and communities among the urban poor in North America and around the world.

Give today, and bring lasting change to people in inner cities.

For the King!


Steven L. Childers
President and CEO, Pathway Learning

PS: Thanks again for your ongoing prayers and financial support. Your support makes all this possible. Together we can continue providing underserved church leaders the education and practical tools they need to transform lives and communities around the world in 2021. To donate, Click Here.


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We help underserved church leaders develop churches that transform lives and communities

In the first century, when the believers in the church in Jerusalem were experiencing an extended period of great hardship, the Gentile churches responded sacrificially – and with joy – sending offerings to relieve the suffering of their brothers and sisters in Christ. (2 Cor. 8 – 9)

The Covid-19 pandemic presents PCA churches with a similar opportunity to demonstrate the love of Christ in practical ways in the midst of this unprecedented need among our brothers and sisters in Christ throughout North America.

Thousands of ethnic minority members of PCA congregations throughout North America have been affected severely by the COVID-19 shutdowns. Some of our most vulnerable church members are now in our small, predominantly minority churches located in economically challenged areas.

Many worked as nannies, housekeepers, handymen, day laborers, dishwashers, busboys or home health care aides. Their jobs and their income have come to an abrupt halt, and few will qualify for any government relief. 

The majority lived paycheck to paycheck, and they’ve already exhausted their meager savings. Their unpaid bills accumulated during the shutdown now threaten to snowball and overwhelm them.

They’re facing genuine hunger and danger of eviction. Some have little or no food to offer their children. For many, English is their second language, which makes accessing any local government assistance programs challenging if not impossible. 

Many who were previously self-sufficient and among the first to help others are now turning to their trusted local churches for help as their families face exceptional privation. Their church is the one place they know and trust to find help amidst crisis. 

In response, the PCA has formed a relief fund, called the Ethnos Coalition Relief Initiative, to provide financial resources for the mercy ministries of PCA churches in North America to help them give immediate relief to their members in poor and marginalized ethnic communities.

Apply for Relief

For PCA churches in need of relief fund grants for their low-income households, CLICK HERE

Donate for Relief

To make a donation to the Ethnos Coalition Relief Initiative of MNA, PCA, CLICK HERE

For More Information

For additional information on the needs of specific groups in North America, contact members of the MNA Ethos Coalition listed below:

Bland, Jeb – Native American/First Nations Ministries;

Caires, Darcy – Network of Portuguese Speaking Churches;

Hatch, Pat – Refugee and Immigrant Ministries;

Jun, Alex – Korean American Leadership Initiative;

Nabors, Randy – Urban and Mercy Ministries;

Plummer, Wy – African American Ministries;

Sáenz, Hernando – Hispanic Ministries (Chairman, Ethnos Coalition);

Sim, Bill – Korean Ministries;

St. Germain, Dony– Haitian American Ministries;

We help underserved church leaders develop churches that transform lives and communities