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The young John Frame teaching at Westminster Theological Seminary in Philadelphia

Dr. John M. Frame has distinguished himself as a prolific author and one of America’s foremost theologians and philosophers—significantly shaping the thought of Evangelicalism today. Many of today’s most influential Christian leaders and authors, like Tim Keller and John Piper, readily acknowledge the significant impact John Frame has had on them.

“I should like to think that tomorrow’s Reformed leaders will add John Frame’s name to that list; I believe they should.” – J. I. Packer

Commenting on the continuation of protestant reformation theology since the time of Martin Luther and John Calvin, J. I. Packer writes in his foreword to Frame’s Systematic Theology:

“Three parts of the world have since made major contributions to the Reformed heritage, each engendering its own conflicts and loyalties:

  • England saw the sixteenth- and seventeenth-century Puritan development, from William Perkins to John Owen, exploring life in Christ in and through the Holy Spirit;
  • nineteenth-century Holland produced the Kuyperian theology of human and Christian culture within a Reformed frame; 
  • and the twentieth-century witnessed, within the conservative Presbyterian world, the ongoing quest for Reformed methodological authenticity, in which B. B, Warfield, Geerhardus Vos, J. Gresham Machen, and Cornelius Van Til are, by common consent, the leading names.

I should like to think that tomorrow’s Reformed leaders will add John Frame’s name to that list; I believe they should.”

After 49 years of distinguished service as a seminary professor at three seminaries, Dr. John Frame retired in 2017. But his influential writing ministry continues today. Although widely known and deeply respected in church leadership and academic circles for decades, his works are now, finally, becoming well known to the general public.

Framing John Frame: 4 Parts

With the goal of helping introduce Frame and his writings more widely to the general public, Childers wrote this four-part series below called “Framing John Frame,” that was later published as the foreword for the book, John Frame’s Selected Shorter Writings, Volume 1, by P&R Publishing. The goal of this series is to help more people begin mining the rich theological, philosophical, and practical gems that have for too long been mostly in the hands of academics and church leaders.

The Applied Theology Project

Since 2016, John Frame and Steve Childers have been collaboration on the Applied Theology Project. The mission of the Applied Theology Project is to provide accessible, affordable, seminary-level courses to underserved church leaders in their language and adapted to their culture wherever they live and serve.

The vision for the Applied Theology Project is to use the latest advances in educational technology to help bring all the loci of Systematic Theology to the millions of church leaders, especially in the developing world, who have no access or cannot afford high quality traditional seminary education. – John Frame

Childers and Frame have written 9 book manuscripts so far and published their first four online courses called Foundations of Theology, Essentials in Theology, Perspectives in Theology, and Applications in Theology – on the Pathway Learning online library of courses. Books and courses on Justification in Theology, Gospel in Theology, Theology of Faith: Apostles’ Creed, Theology of Hope: Lord’s Prayer, and Theology of Love: Ten Commandments coming soon.

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3 Reasons Why To Invest In GCA

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Dear Friend,

I look back on GCA’s ministry of training pastoral leaders around the world (like this man above from Senegal in 2008) with both joy and sorrow. Joy over the privilege of bringing leaders like him practical, seminary-level training in evangelism, discipleship, church planting, etc. And sorrow over our inability to bring him, and millions more like him, even more.

My 30 plus years as a church planter, pastor, trainer, and seminary professor are now culminating in a new vision for GCA to provide world-class, multimedia, practical pastoral education to help start, grow, and multiply gospel-centered churches among the world’s most strategic nations.



The most effective way to fulfill Jesus’ Great Commission “to make disciples of all nations” is by starting, growing, and multiplying gospel-centered churches that develop effective ministries of:

    • Evangelism (personal conversion),
    • Discipleship (spiritual formation), and
    • Social Justice (societal transformation)



The Problem

God’s plan is for pastoral leaders to equip his people for effective ministries of evangelism, discipleship, and social justice. But millions of pastoral leaders do not have access to or cannot afford high quality, practical pastoral education to help them develop these gospel ministries

The Result

Therefore millions of non-Christians are not hearing the gospel and  millions of Christians are not being equipped for gospel ministries. As a result, spiritual darkness, and cultural and societal decay are reaching unprecedented levels globally. 


The Plan: Join The Pastoral Education Revolution!
In response to this critical need, GCA’s strategic plan is to develop and provide accessible, affordable, high quality, multimedia curriculum to equip pastoral leaders to start, grow, and multiply gospel-centered churches among the world’s most strategic nations & in all the world’s major languages.


Every gift to GCA is a strategic investment in the development of these needy pastoral leaders around the world. Would you make a gift today?

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 For the Nations!

Steve Childers
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