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Bono (lead musician of the band U2) and Eugene Peterson (84 year-old Presbyterian minister and author of contemporary-language bible translation The Message) discuss the need for followers of Jesus to embody more realism in art, music, and life. Bono asks why “Christian music” is not more like the Psalms–embracing the whole spectrum of human emotions including not only happiness, but also confusion, anger, despair, and doubt. Source: Fuller Studio

Bono and Peterson

“We must find a way to cuss without cussing–and the Psalms help.” –Eugene Peterson

Letters to Laura

Steve —  June 30, 2013 — Leave a comment

by Sungyak Kim (RTS Seminary Student & Social Media Director)

I’ve had the privilege of taking a few of Steve Childers’ classes at Reformed Theological Seminary (Orlando). The best part about his classes is often the Q&A time, where Steve engages each question with his winsome personality and keen intellect. I’ve always wanted to read over and share these Q&A’s with others for their edification.

So when I heard recently that he has been corresponding with Laura (his youngest daughter, Covenant College alum, living and working in Chattanooga) regarding her questions about the Bible and the Christian life, I jumped at the opportunity and requested that he allow me to share his written responses on this blog, to which he and Laura generously agreed. So here’s Part 1 of what I hope to be an enduring, and undoubtedly edifying, series of Q&A’s with Steve Childers.


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